The Mobile Art Program delivers art activities to seniors and adults with disabilities living in Austin, Texas. MAP provides people with ways to cope with what is happening in their lives. Art becomes the vehicle for expression, developing relationships, as well as for integrating experiences that may be difficult to understand. Our goals are to improve the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities by giving them an outlet for creative expression. We restore self-esteem, build friendships, and increase their cognitive skills leading to stabilization in overall health. We concentrate our efforts in low-income areas of the city.  Mobile Art provides activities in three different areas: low-income nursing homes, Alzheimer respite programs and adult day programs.

All of our programs are FREE as our goal is to reach those who otherwise would not have access to art lessons. We are a tax exempt, 501(c)3 organization.

We need your help with two upcoming projects: our exhibits at the Bass Concert Hall AND our Go Fund Me campaign to support our creation of a manual of lesson plans that respite programs and caregivers can use to engage those living with dementia & Alzheimer's. The manual will be distributed FREE through Meals on Wheels & More. Click here to visit our Go Fund Me page or send donation to: Mobile Art, 3710 Cedar Street, Austin, Texas 78705. Thank you!