Mobile Art provides activities in three different areas: low-income nursing homes, Alzheimer respite programs and adult day programs. All of our programs are FREE as our goal is to reach those who otherwise would not have access to art lessons. We are a tax exempt, 501(c)3 organization.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 15 - Oct 15, 2014 we have been exploring the culture of Latin American through artwork. On Oct 9th, 12 works of art were on display at the Univ. of Texas Student Academic Center during a screening of the film, Cesar Chavez. The event was sponsored by the Students of the World, UT Chapter. 

On Saturday, October 25, 2014, the Mobile Art Program will be participating in Make A Difference Day: the largest single-day of volunteering in the country.  Mobile Art Programs goal is to create at least 30 art projects with Austin area seniors and adults with disabilities living in 3 different facilities.  With the aid of 30 volunteers, the day will culminate into an art exhibit.  The theme chosen for the art projects is the beautiful and majestic Elephant.  Elephants are known for great compassion and a sense of community.  They also represent wisdom, happiness, longevity, and strength.   In the artwork to be created, using painted ceramic elephants, elephant masks and watercolor; we hope to convey the works as a representation for the participant and the community that has gathered in order to complete this project.  The parade of elephant artwork will be displayed at an exhibit at the end of the day. Volunteers & sponsors needed! Contact: mobileart@mail.org   Visit http://makeadifferenceday.com/ for information about USA Weekend, Make a Difference Day


The Mobile Art Program delivers art activities to seniors and adults with disabilities living in Austin, Texas. MAP provides people with ways to cope with what is happening in their lives. Art becomes the vehicle for expression, developing relationships, as well as for integrating experiences that may be difficult to understand. Our goals are to improve the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities by giving them an outlet for creative expression. We restore their self-esteem, build friendships where there was none and increase their cognitive skills leading to stabilization in overall health. We concentrate our efforts in low-income areas of the city.

Cover design by Bertha Sellers of Conley-Guerrero

Cover design by Bertha Sellers of Conley-Guerrero

One Book @20.00

Every Story Paints a Picture is an anthology of poems, essays and art by our seniors! $20 will cover the cost of one book for you - and one book for our seniors. The book is softbound with full color images. This is Volume I in what we hope is many more volumes to come!